We have provided answers for the most commonly asked questions below. If you can’t find the information you need, please contact us.

What time does school begin and end each day?

Boys in Reception to Year 2 can start coming in to School at 8.30am each morning and registration is at 8.40am prompt. Boys in Year 3 to Year 8 can come in to School from 8.00am.

Reception to Year 2 finish at 3.00pm each day except for in the first half term when Reception boys have a half day on Fridays, finishing at 12.00pm. Year 3 to Year 8 finish at 4.05pm.

What are the preschool and after school care facilities?

At Rokeby we are able to offer (for a small fee) a breakfast club service commencing at 7.30am. Early morning care is also available for Reception to Year 3 boys from 8.15am which is free of charge.  At the end of the school day, each afternoon from 3.00pm – 4.00pm, we run a free late club in the Lower School for boys in Reception to Year 2.

When can my son start using the school bus?

All boys including those in Reception can use the after school bus which departs at 3.05pm. For boys in Reception we do suggest you ensure that your son has happily settled into school for a week or so first. We have a member of staff on the afternoon bus supervising the boys. We do not recommend that Reception boys use the morning buses as they are not supervised.

At what age do after school clubs start?

Reception boys are able to commence after school clubs in the Summer term.

Are there different choices available for lunch?

There are always different vegetable options available, a salad bar and a variety of fruit is provided as well as other desserts. We offer vegetarian options and alternatives to the main dish of the day should it not be to everyone’s taste. The Lower School boys are supervised by their class teacher whilst they have their lunch. This promotes good table manners and encourages social interaction.

Do the boys get homework?

Homework begins in Reception with learning letter sounds and reading in the first term. The boys will then bring home set homework in the Spring term. The amount of homework increases as the boys get older.

How many boys in a class?

There are two classes of 22 boys – with a full time teacher and teaching assistant from Reception to Year 2. The structure changes after Year 2 to three forms of just 16-18 for Year 3 and above.

Do both Reception classes spend time together?

Yes, they have a shared outside area and also spend playtimes together. They all have their Games session at Rokeby Sports Ground (RSG) together and go on school trips together.

What happens if my son has an injury at school?

We have a School Secretary who is in charge of First Aid which is currently located in the lower level of the Lower School building. A large number of the teaching and administration staff are also First Aid-trained. Most of the Games Department staff hold First Aid certificates and there are First Aid kits at all Games lessons and sports matches. All accidents of any significance are reported and followed up. The school Health & Safety Committee meets regularly to review these.