RPC Awards

The RPC Award is presented, on an ad hoc basis, to any boy (or group of boys) who have demonstrated an appreciation of the RPC’s values of charity, giving your time and/fostering community spirit. So, if your boys have recently taken part in anything charitable or community-minded, please let their form tutor know.

See below our most recent recipients…

Picture Shaylan D

Shaylan D

This term's RPC Award goes to Shaylan (Year 3) for requesting that his birthday money is donated to his mother's charity - Forever Angels - in Tanzania.

Picture Nabil A

Nabil A

Nabil received this award for his kindness towards the homeless. He spontaneously rushes and buys them food and drinks with his own money.

Picture Ruben and Milan T

Ruben and Milan T

Ruben (Year 3) and Milan (Reception) decided to have a huge sort out of their books and toys and donate to their local hospital in Epsom.

Picture Zachary B

Zachary B

The latest winner of our RPC Award is Zachary (Year 1). Since he was 3 years old, Zachary has been taking part in an initiative through his Sunday school where he visits Lynton Hall Care Home in New Malden once a month, to sing gospel songs to the residents and spend time with them. What a fantastic way to give your time, Zachary. Many congratulations!

Picture Noah S

Noah S

Our winner this week is Noah S (Year 3). Noah was inspired by his school topic of the Rainforest to get involved with a local environmental charity in Costa Rica during his family’s trip there over Christmas. He used his own pocket money to purchase a tree and plant it in the rainforest.

Great support for a worthwhile cause - many congratulations Noah.

Picture Max W

Max W

Congratulations to this week’s winner of the RPC Award, Max (Year 1). Max recently set up a cake stall outside his house to raise money for the wildlife across Australia which is suffering desperately due to the wildfires. Well done Max!

Picture Alexander F

Alexander F

This week’s winner of the RPC Award is Alexander in Year 3. Alexander went carol singing with his sisters last month and managed to raise over £100 for the School’s charities.

Congratulations Alexander, a wonderful achievement!

Picture Oli M

Oli M

During the Christmas break Oli in Year 1 spent time preparing packages of clothes, shoes and toys and delivering them personally to the Durban North Baby Home in South Africa which cares for abandoned and orphaned children from 0 to 6 years.

He and his sister also supported and befriended children from the local township during his stay. Many congratulations Oli - a very worthy winner of this week’s RPC Award.

Picture Aryan S-R

Aryan S-R

Congratulations to the latest winner of our RPC Award, Aryan in Year 2S. He decided to use the money which the tooth fairy had brought him to buy items for the School’s hamper appeal.

How very generous of you, Aryan!

Picture Adam Y

Adam Y

Congratulations to Adam, this week’s winner of the RPC Award. Adam very generously chose to make a much larger donation than was requested when he paid for his remembrance poppy at school. Well done Adam!

Picture Raafi M

Raafi M

Many congratulations to Raafi in Year 3, this week’s recipient of our RPC Award. Raafi had his 8th birthday recently and, on his party invitation generously requested that his friends make a donation to charity instead of giving him birthday money or presents.

Picture Daud P

Daud P

This week’s award goes to Daud in Year 1. During half term, Daud (with some help from his mum and a friend) prepared care bags containing food items, water, socks and gloves, bandages and rucksacks for homeless people in the area. He took the care bags to Kingston Churches Action who are going to distribute them to those in need.

Many congratulations Daud for giving your time to such a worthwhile venture and helping people less fortunate than you.

Picture Ruben T

Ruben T

We are thrilled to announce another worthy winner of our new RPC Award which is presented on an ad hoc basis to any boy or boys who have demonstrated an appreciation of the RPC’s values of charity, giving your time and/fostering community spirit. Many congratulations to Ruben in Year 1 who showed great charitable and community spirit by donating a selection of his toys to Epsom Hospital for Children.

Picture Benny R

Benny R

Many congratulations to Benny in Year 3 on being the first ever recipient of our brand new RPC Award. Benny recently took part in a 5km “Tough Mudder” challenge and raised over £400 for Cancer Research UK. A fantastic achievement!
£400 for Cancer Research UK. A fantastic achievement!