School Fees

Fees per term 2024-2025 (£)

Reception – Year 2 £6,028
Years 3 & 4 £7,056
Years 5 – 8 £7,506

Fees are inclusive of additional learning support within the school, personal accident and dental insurance, school meals, daily morning-break snack, sports teas, day trips and some residential trips for Years 4 to 8 and the Valedictory Programme for Year 8.

We are pleased to offer a 10% discount to families for their third son and any subsequent sons at the School. The 10% discount is applied to the boy(s) with the lower/lowest fees and is for the time when 3 or more siblings are in school simultaneously rather than for the whole duration of their time at Rokeby. The 10% discount is limited to boys where there are no other financial awards or financial support. The fees discount is a discretionary amount and is subject to the timely payment of school fees. At least a term’s notice will be given of any changes.

Bursaries/financial assistance

‘…facilities are excellent, including huge touchscreen boards, three whizzy science labs (‘there are lots of practicals,’ say boys), assorted music rooms (tuneful solos from windows – standard here is high) and fabulous corridor and classroom displays…’

– The Good Schools Guide

Our bursary programme is designed to make it possible for as many as possible of those who meet Rokeby School’s entry criteria to take up a place here. We offer means tested awards annually to entrants at the 7+ entry, where the parents have indicated on the registration form that they require financial support. Bursaries are means-tested and each case is reviewed individually by the Finance Committee. Both parents are required to provide proof of their income and assets. The level of support varies according to parental need but can extend to full fee remission/ % remission in cases of proven need. Before the offer of a bursary is confirmed, a member of senior staff or governing body will normally visit the family at their home.

Bursaries are always offered for 12 months at a time. The family is required to provide fresh information about their circumstances for every year that their son attends the School. Levels of support may vary with fluctuations in income. Bursaries are only offered to families who are resident in the UK.

The School’s expectation is that parents who do not choose to apply for a bursary at the time that their son is being assessed, will not require financial support throughout the time that their son attends the school, except due to wholly unforeseen circumstances.

For more information about the bursary application process please contact our Bursar at

Click here for details of our bursary policy.