ISI Report

Rokeby School is regularly inspected by The Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI). This is the body approved by the government for the purpose of inspecting schools belonging to the Independent Schools Council.

We had a focused compliance and educational quality inspection in September 2019.  Below is a message from our Head, Mr Jason Peck.  The inspection report can be found at the bottom of this page.

Dear Parents

Independent School Inspectorate; Focused Compliance and Educational Quality Report

Further to an inspection on compliance and our teaching and learning that took place in September, I am pleased to send you the school’s Inspection Report  The inspectors joined us for three days: two of them spent a day-and-a-half reviewing our compliance with regulations and then a team of three inspectors spent a day-and-a-half reviewing our educational provision.

You will see that for the compliance aspect of the inspection we were successful in meeting all of the Independent Schools Standards and no further action is required.

We were awarded ‘good’ for the ‘quality of pupil’s academic and other achievements’ and ‘excellent’ for the ‘quality of pupils’ personal development’.

We are pleased that the achievements of a number of our boys, including the more able, have been noted and all boys of all abilities are said to achieve well, from Reception through to the Top Years.

You may notice that the inspection report uses its own criteria that are designed for independent schools of all shapes and sizes and across a range of differing contexts. I was therefore pleased that the inspectors recognised the school’s and boys’ achievements, especially in relation to the move to secondary education:

They are very well prepared for the next stage of their education

Upper School pupils are successful in gaining entry to highly selective senior schools’ as we all know that we live in a competitive area for senior school entry.

The report noted a number of academic achievements and the success of our pupils, highlighting their ‘secure knowledge, understanding and skills across the curriculum.’ The inspection framework criteria language used may not be immediately familiar to readers but does make sense to us: for example the use of terms such as ‘higher order thinking skills’.

We will be following the recommendations made in the report by incorporating them into our school development plan. For example, the report states that ‘the school is not seen to be fully meeting one of its objectives to enable each pupil to achieve their best in all areas of learning’. We would agree that we have set an ambitious target for all of our boys although we have reason to believe that we are very successful in this regard as can be seen by the outcomes our boys achieve just before they leave us. Our revised main school aim is ‘to bring out the brilliant in each and every boy,’ and we will endeavour to ensure that we achieve that goal and that our success is visible to all.

We are naturally delighted that we achieved ‘excellent’ for personal development of the boys, including promoting our ethos of smart, skilful and kind and our ‘ABC’ which covers not only Achievement but Behaviour and Character. As I have written many times, we want our boys to be happy and successful in all areas of life and we are focused on our values and the development of soft skills, which are a vital part of a successful person’s development.

I would like to thank you all for supporting Rokeby by completing the parental questionnaire, which was very well-received having been completed by the majority of families. It noted many pleasing statistics such as:

  • 96% of you feel that your son is prepared for life in senior school
  • 98% agree that your son makes progress as a result of teaching
  • 98% state that the school helps your son develop skills for the future; and
  • 95% assert that your son’s particular educational needs are met effectively.

During the inspection itself, I am grateful for the dedication of the staff, especially as the teachers were getting to know their new classes; and the openness and honesty of the boys who were interviewed by the inspectors without any support from us. This was all especially impressive given the fact that the inspection bases its judgments upon pupil outcomes. After all, the school term had only begun a couple of weeks earlier and the boys were only just familiarising themselves with their various teachers and the new school year curriculum.

Here are a few quotes to finish with:

‘Pupils display especially positive attitudes to their learning and a willingness to work collaboratively.’

‘Pupils are articulate and have strong communication skills.’

‘Pupils display kindness and make an excellent contribution to the well-being of others, both within the school and the wider community.’

‘Pupils of all ages fully embrace the school ethos and meet the high behavioural expectations.’

Well done to our brilliant Rokeby boys!

With all best wishes

Jason R Peck, Headmaster

Rokeby ISI Report