Smart, Skilful and Kind


‘Very quickly, the school observed our son’s talents and interests and has sought to develop them with stretching classroom work but also opportunities outside of school,…’

Rokeby Parent

All Rokeby boys aim to be smart in how they appear and also in their achievements; in how they think and learn, how they act.  They learn to develop pride in how they behave towards others and towards their environment.

They will learn to achieve their very best, to develop agile minds and become confident in their learning. They will build a solid foundation of knowledge about the world and apply it to the challenges of real life. They will know how to talk to others, how to act in groups, how to relate to adults and how to cope with obstacles in their path. They will learn how to achieve high standards but without becoming strained.

We want our boys to achieve well across the board. We will help them to achieve high results, to aim for excellence and to celebrate all of their achievements.


Skills are developed over time. Skills are flexible and can be used for a lifetime.  We want our boys to become skilful.  To begin with they will learn the fundamentals thoroughly. Later they will develop thinking skills, to become physically skilful, to become socially adept, to be able to play music and to speak in front of an audience and to act, to create.

We want our boys to leave us at 13+ as successful individuals having passed into the schools of their choice.  Yet we also want them to leave us as skilful individuals, able to turn their hands to many things, in many different situations, and to excel in much, as independent learners and self-starters.


‘I will miss the electric

atmosphere that is placed around each

and every single boy in Rokeby by the teachers

and by friends.’

ex Rokeby boy

We want our boys to develop real kindness.  Whether the trait comes naturally to an individual, or not, we create a supportive environment to encourage mutual appreciation.

We recognise the benefits of competition, yet we also strongly encourage a co-operation. We want each boy to aim to win and experience the thrill of success and yet also to be generous in spirit, whether they win or lose, succeed or fail.

We actively promote collaboration: sharing ideas and skills for the good of the group, the team or the community.  We want each boy to be free to learn at his own pace, without fear of humiliation if, and when, he makes mistakes.

We want boys to understand how to relate to others, whether natural friends or those who are different from themselves.  We want them to be respectful, civil, positive and balanced.  We want them to experience the pleasure of giving and making others happy whilst dealing with their own feelings of frustration with honesty and without being hurtful to others.  We want our boys to express kindness, to themselves and to all those they meet and know.

‘The spirit of kindness is everywhere there: you see it in the children, the staff, it’s in the air!’

ex Rokeby staff (relocated to Brazil)