Rokeby Parents Circle News

October 2016

It is important for the RPC to feedback to the parents how Rokeby has chosen to spend the money raised by you as parents. Without the support of parents in attending social events, donating gifts, baking cakes and much more, none of this amazing fundraising would be possible.

The RPC would like to thank each and every parent for their time, donations and continued support.

With parent support and lots of fundraising events in 2015/2016 Rokeby received a staggering £38,574 and have been able to buy the following items for the benefit of the boys:

Laser 3D printer for the DT department £11,898
Nativity costumes for the Lower School £292
Playground equipment £1,187
Coffee/tea urns and 2 RPC gazebos£921
Sports pavilion clock£401
Cricket scoreboards£2,821
Year 8 contribution £800
Picnic table and benches for playground£3,282
Year 8 Common Room £500
PTA insurance £107
Christmas trees £68
Playtime set and bowling set £159
Marquees with Rokeby logo £4,972
Raffle drums £170

Further funds are in the pipeline to be spent on the new Year 7 and 8 common room building and additional playground items – watch this space for further news!