Why Rokeby?

At Rokeby, relationships are central to our success.


‘…taking into account every boy’s strengths, interests and individual needs when devising their learning plans.’

– The Good Schools Guide

We are pleased to offer an all-round education to boys from their very earliest school days at 4+ all the way to the start of their teenage years. We work with them and their parents over that time, really get to know them and have a positive influence on their development, their young characters, their behaviour and their achievement. We learn their strengths, interests, needs and abilities and seek ways to work with these, maximising their potential whilst treating them as individuals.

We also help them to develop strong friendships, good social skills and be part of a highly supportive community for up to nine years. This is helped by the fact that they are all boys.  We work with their characteristic strengths and interests as boys whilst also seeking to round their characters and help them to manage the challenges which come with being a boy in the modern world.

‘Lots of recognition and rewards…’

– The Good Schools Guide

Older boys can be excellent role models for those younger than themselves, and the skills they have innately can be maximised by way of increased opportunities for working together, not least in sports and drama.

At Rokeby, we firmly believe that by offering excellent teaching and treating each boy as an individual allowing him to develop but always giving him the impetus to move forward and give of his best, he will flourish.  We have found that this leads to excellent outcomes, in terms of high exam results, entry to fine senior schools, scholarships and awards and, most importantly of all, rounded characters, capability and confidence as young men with the world at their feet.

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