Charities We Support

One of the Rokeby Parent Circle’s main objectives it to raise much-needed funds for our chosen school charity and other local charitable causes, through organising enjoyable events for the parents and boys.

In the past, there have been two school charities at any one time, as well as different charities for each of the School Houses.  Following feedback from parents, this has now been simplified.  So, going forward, the RPC and School will jointly select, from a shortlist of charities proposed by the boys and/or parents (through Class Reps) one school charity every two years.  Funds raised from RPC events will be divided equally between:

1. The School (for e.g. purchasing equipment or improving facilities where such expenditure is not covered by existing budgets).

2. The chosen RPC charities – PSDS and CAYSH (Croydon Association for Young Single Homeless).

3. A community fund which will be used to benefit local charitable causes nominated by parents and voted on by the School Council.  For 2019 to 2021, the beneficiary of this fund will be PSDS (see below).

PSDS Charity  

Who We Are

psds is a registered charity whose principal goal is to provide support for children with Down syndrome and their families. We meet regularly as families to share our experiences and provide a network of support, friendship, advice and expertise. This benefits not only our children with Down syndrome, but also their siblings, ourselves as parents and all family members. We also provide a range of professional services, such as early development groups and speech and language therapy, and have an extensive library of resources for our members and their families to make use of.

Our aim is for our children with Down syndrome to have access to the opportunities available to all others and for there to be no ceiling on what any of our children might achieve. Down syndrome is just a part of who our children are, not what they are.

Our Key Aims

To provide a stimulating and caring environment in which our children can have fun and develop self-confidence

To provide a network of support for parents, siblings and children with Down syndrome at each step on their challenging but rewarding journey

To ensure that our children receive maximum input in all key areas of development

To assist and support families coming to terms with the news that their child has Down syndrome

To aid professionals in understanding the more practical issues which need to be addressed when assisting a family which has a child with Down syndrome

For more information about PSDS please go to


Who We Are

CAYSH has been delivering services to  young people aged between 16-25 facing homelessness in London since 1981, offering safe homes. support and advice to enable them to achieve their potential. Our service users  have helped design our method of delivery and programmes which makes them effective in achieving positive outcomes for young people and for our funders. We place our young people at the heart of all we do and listen and learn from their experiences.

Our Mission

The CAYSH mission is to provide ‘safe homes and better futures for vulnerable people, especially the young’. We work to ensure that the voices of vulnerable people (especially the young), the marginalised and excluded, are heard and that they are not defined by their experiences. We see them as people first and homeless second.

For more information about PSDS please go to


Other charities who have been supported in recent years include:

School Year2020 - 2021
Donation to PSDS£4,180
School Year2019 - 2020
Donation to Eikon Charity£6,544
Donation to PSDS£6,544
School Year2018 - 2019
Donation to Eikon Charity£8,700
Donation to Prader-Willi Syndrome Association£8,700
School Year2017 - 2018
Donation to Greenmead School£30,280
Donation to Prader-Willi Syndrome Association£30,280
School Year2016 - 2017
Donation to Greenmead School£8,255
Donation to Harrison’s Fund £8,255

School Year2015 - 2016
Donation to The Royal Marsden£34,506
Donation to Harrison’s Fund £34,506

School Year 2014 - 2015
Donations to South London Younger Parkinson’s Network and £5,331
Donations to The Royal Marsden £5,331

School Year 2013 - 2014
Donations to Momentum £38,940
Donations to South London Younger Parkinson’s Network £38,940

School Year 2012 - 2013
Donations to Winston’s Wish £6,400
Donations to Momentum £7,128

School Year
2011 - 2012
Donations to Back-up £21,700
Donations to Winston’s Wish £21,700