Charities We Support

One of the Rokeby Parent Circle’s main objectives it to raise much-needed funds for our chosen school charity and other local charitable causes, through organising enjoyable events for the parents and boys.

The RPC and School jointly select, from a shortlist of charities proposed by the boys and/or parents (through Class Reps) one school charity every two years.  Funds raised from RPC events are divided equally between:

1. The School (for e.g. purchasing equipment or improving facilities where such expenditure is not covered by existing budgets)

Our chosen House Charity for 202324 is the Rainbow Trust.



There are an estimated 86,625 children in England with life-limiting or life-threatening conditions. This number has trebled over the last 17 years and is rising. Thousands of families have to face the very real possibility that their child may die and struggle to cope on a day to day basis. Our Family Support Workers provide a lifeline to these families and children.

HOW is the support given using funds raised?

When a child has a serious illness, family life is turned upside down and time becomes more precious than ever. Rainbow Trust pairs each family with an expert Family Support Worker who enables them to make the most of time together, giving them practical and emotional support, whenever they need it, for as long as is needed.

Rainbow Trust supports the whole family including parents, carers, the unwell child, brothers, sisters and grandparents. Support is hugely varied and depends on the multiple needs of the family.  It can include:

  • listening to a family’s fears and anxieties
  • helping to explain illnesses, diagnoses and treatments
  • keeping a seriously ill child company during hospital stays
  • driving families to medical appointments to help save time and money
  • organising fun activities to help sick children, their brothers and sisters
  • support through bereavement and grief.

Here are some of the past and future events Rainbow Trust has taken part in:

  • Rainbow Trust Carol Concert , Dec 2023 London Knightsbridge
  • Bookham Carol Concert, Dec 2023
  • Webinar- Building resilience in families and children Nov 23
  • Inflatable Series 2024
  • Manchester Marathon 2024
  • Reading Half Marathon 2024

We continue to support our Charity Forever Angels.

Forever Angels  take special care of abandoned babies, home them with families and help support them, so they are able to live a better life and hopefully, eventually go back their parents.
They are based in Tanzania. They have a school onsite and an outreach programme, providing basic necessities for families such as food along with educating them about hygiene and childcare. We are excited about supporting Forever Angels and helping the babies, children and families

Amy Hathaway – The Founder

‘Most of the babies admitted to Forever Angels are sadly abandoned. We know nothing about them, their history, their family or the tribe and specific culture they belong to. A tiny minority are abandoned with their hospital clinic cards – so at least we have a name and a date of birth. Most however, are not.’

‘Happy squeals echo around Forever Angel’s garden. Teacher Evalina has the hose pipe spraying into the air and the children, dressed only in pants, are running through the spray with excited shrieks. It’s a hot, hot day and the spray of water gives a slight reprise from the heat, as well as bringing pure joy to the children, who just LOVE to play in water! They occasionally glance my way, giggling, dripping wet, then run up to give me a very soggy hug! Chants and squeals of ‘maji, maji’ (water, water) fill the air as the Mamas laugh and chase them through the spray.

When I see these happy, loved children at Forever Angels – it’s easy to forget the trauma and loss each has suffered. Within these four walls, the compound is an oasis of happiness and love and security.’

Charity Fundraising – Sept 2022 – July 2023. 

Total funds raised: £34,017. 

Every Christmas we visit Raleigh House (elderly home) in New Malden, and the Choir sing Christmas Carols to elderly and we gift a hamper collected by the whole School. This is particularly a good and fun experience for the boys and the elders in the home as they treasure the lovely singing and the luxurious hamper treats.

During Christmas the boys generously collect food for the Kingston Foodbank. There is a House Competition on which House collects the most food for the Foodbank. We do a round trip and drop the food on the same day as we visit Raleigh House.

The boys have been working very hard to raise a mammoth £ 34,017 for their chosen charities which has been split equally between Forever Angels, CAYSH and Rokeby. This phenomenal amount is shared equally between Forever Angels, CAYSH and Rokeby, each receiving a grand amount of £11338.84. Forever Angels and CAYSH were elated to receive such amount of money that will help them immensely to rebuild families and homes, giving so many families a brighter future.

The boys continued to raise funds for other charities too, the Turkey and Syria Earthquake Appeal raising £1729 and £462 at the Carol Concert for the London Music Fund.

Raleigh House  were happy receive generous Christmas Hampers from the Rokeby boys and were overjoyed to hear their harmonious carol singing. A large amount of food was also donated to the Kingston Foodbank which helped make Christmas a little more cheerful for many families. The boys raised an enormous amount for Restless Development a £8,737.54 by doing amazingly well in their Triathlons throughout the Year groups, across the School, £ 2,658.68 was donated to our chosen charity. There have been several fun mufti days and cakes sales which the boys have been so enthusiastic about.

Thank you all for making this year so special in our fundraising events, raising a vast amount helping so many families’ and children needing support. This academic year 2023-2024 we will strive to do the same.

Finally, thank you to all parents, as you have encouraged your sons to participate with enthusiasm and fun resulting in such a large amount of money being raised which we are deeply grateful for.

With best wishes

Ms Mughal

Charities Co – Ordinator.

Other charities who have been supported in recent years include:

School Year2020 - 2021
Donation to PSDS£4,180
School Year2019 - 2020
Donation to Eikon Charity£6,544
Donation to PSDS£6,544
School Year2018 - 2019
Donation to Eikon Charity£8,700
Donation to Prader-Willi Syndrome Association£8,700
School Year2017 - 2018
Donation to Greenmead School£30,280
Donation to Prader-Willi Syndrome Association£30,280
School Year2016 - 2017
Donation to Greenmead School£8,255
Donation to Harrison’s Fund £8,255

School Year2015 - 2016
Donation to The Royal Marsden£34,506
Donation to Harrison’s Fund £34,506

School Year 2014 - 2015
Donations to South London Younger Parkinson’s Network and £5,331
Donations to The Royal Marsden £5,331

School Year 2013 - 2014
Donations to Momentum £38,940
Donations to South London Younger Parkinson’s Network £38,940

School Year 2012 - 2013
Donations to Winston’s Wish £6,400
Donations to Momentum £7,128

School Year
2011 - 2012
Donations to Back-up £21,700
Donations to Winston’s Wish £21,700