Please find below a list of our school policies which are available to parents of current and prospective pupils.

The following documents are in PDF format.

Admissions Policy

Aim and objectives

Anti Bullying Policy

Attendance Policy

Behaviour Conduct And Discipline Policy

Bursary Policy

CCTV Policy

Code of conduct

Covid 19 Flow chart

Covid 19 Policy

Risk Assessment supporting Covid 19 Policy

Curriculum Policy

Each and Every Boy Policy

Educational Visits Policy

English As An Additional Language Policy

Equal Opportunities Policy

EYFS Educational Visits Policy

Fire Safety Policy and Procedures

First Aid Policy

Foundation Stage Policy

Health and Safety Policy

Learning Support Policy

Missing Child Policy

Parental Complaints Policy

Parent Contract

Recruitment of Staff

Risk Assessment Policy

Risk Assessment For Safeguarding Children Policy

Sports Communications Policy

Student Mobile Phone Policy

Safeguarding Policy

Covid19 Addendum to Safeguarding Policy

Separated Parents Policy

Supervision Policy



See below document referring to Keeping children safe in education.

Keeping children safe in education