Rokeby Houses

Rokeby boys love their Houses. They provide a sense of belonging and a healthy competitive spirit uniting our boys with one goal: to win the house shield!

We have four Houses: Bazalgette, Galsworthy, Moody and Olive.

Bazalgette is named after a former pupil who was awarded the VC in the Second World War; Galsworthy is named after the author John Galsworthy whose family owned the Rokeby building in the 19th Century; Moody is named after a former Headmaster; and Olive is named after the founder of Rokeby, Charles Olive.

There are regular, lively and enjoyable competitions between the Houses in a variety of sporting and non-sporting activities. These are, in the autumn term, House Football and Athenaeum; in the spring term, House rugby, cross-country, basketball, swimming and the House ‘sing off’ as part of ‘Arts Week’; in the summer term, House cricket and athletics (Sports Day).

House points are also accumulated through academic endeavour as well as kindness and chivalry.

Each House has a noticeboard. The boards are a place where House achievements are displayed along with photographs of House activities. Boys take an active role in maintaining these boards.

There are four staff House Leaders and House Captains and Sports Captains are appointed from amongst the Year 8 boys and are members of the School Council.