Rokeby Old Boys’ Club

Founded in 1990, the Rokeby Old Boys’ Club organises an annual Reunion Dinner with a Guest Speaker (usually an Old Boy). Reunions are well supported by a wide age range of Old Boys including those who went to Rokeby at The Downs. Reunions may be attended by Members over the age of 18.

Membership is available to Old Boys and Honorary Membership is available to Teaching Staff (past and present). To join the ROBC please send your contact details to

The next Annual Reunion will be held in 2025. Please contact for information.


The Club is operated by the Committee with support from the School:

Chairman & Secretary Richard Collyer-Hamlin (1987)
Vice Chairman & Treasurer Miten Amin (1988)
Committee Michael Barrie (1981)
Ian Benjamin (1991)
David Budd (1966)
Jonathan Hunt (1998)
Oliver Tucker (1992)
Steven Wicker (1974)
James Attenborough (HON)


YearEventChief Guest
2024Old Boys' Dinner at RokebyMr Mark Dowie (1974)
2023Annual Reunion in Covent GardenMr Leon Kazakos KC (1987)
Special Reunion at The Downs
Mr James Roche (1956)/Mr Michael Lewin FRAM (1962)
Younger Members' Cricket Festival
2022Old Boys' Dinner at RokebyMr Michael Norman-Smith (1963)
2021Old Boys' Dinner at Warren HouseMr Steven Wicker (1974)
2019Old Boys' Dinner at Warren HouseMr Richard Gordon MBE (1971), Director of Bournemouth University Disaster Management Centre
2018Old Boys' Dinner at Coombe Wood Golf ClubProfessor Brad K Blitz (1981), Visiting Professor in the Institute of Global Affairs at the London School of Economics
2017Old Boys' Dinner at The Canbury ArmsProfessor Persis Amrolia (1978), UCL Great Ormond St Institute of Child Health
2016A Celebration of Fifty Years since The MoveProfessor James Woudhuysen (1965), South Bank University
2015Silver Jubilee Dinner at RokebyMr Tim Gardam (1968), Principal of St Anne's College, Oxford
2014Old Boys' Dinner at RokebyProfessor James Emerson (1962), Queen Mary University of London
2011Old Boys' Dinner at RokebyReverend Dr Gavin Ashenden (1968), Chaplain to HM The Queen
2010Old Boys' Evening at The Angel in the Fields, W1
2009Reunion and launch of 'Rokeby: The First 125 Years' by Mr Peter WickerMr Peter Wicker (Headmaster 1968-1985)
2008Old Boys' Dinner at RokebyMr Roy Moody (Headmaster 1985-1999)
2007Old Boys' Evening at The Angel in the Fields, W1
2006Old Boys' Dinner at Rokeby
2005Old Boys' Evening at The Cardinal, Francis Street, W1
2004Old Boys' Dinner at Rokeby
2003Old Boys' Evening at the City University Club
2002Old Boys' Celebration of 125 Years of Rokeby at the Carlton Club
2000Millennium Celebration Summer BBQ at Rokeby
1997Old Boys' Evening at Rokeby
1996Old Boys' Evening at RokebyMr REH "Buzzer" Hadingham, Chairman of the All England Club
1993Old Boys' Dinner at RokebyMr Peter Wicker (Headmaster 1968-1985)
1991Inaugural Old Boys' Reunion at Rokeby
1990Rokeby Old Boys' Club founded