The Upper School

The last two years at Rokeby provide boys with a real academic advantage over their counterparts in senior schools.

In Years 7 and 8 all subjects are taught by specialists. Small class sizes and academic streaming ensure that every boy is supported and stretched in line with their individual needs in order to reach their potential.

Year 7

“My nine years at Rokeby have been an unforgettable experience, which even exams could not spoil. I have had so many great times and will miss Rokeby very much.”

– Rokeby Boy

Boys going into Year 7 are first to experience what makes Prep schools unique and special. Knowing we act as their safety net, they embrace challenges they may once have shied away from and aim high in everything they do. Our ‘Old Boys’ are testament that this feeling of empowerment in oneself becomes firmly embedded with them for life.

Behind the bravado of boys moving into Year 7, we remember they are still just 11 or 12 years old, and the caring, nurturing environment that Rokeby fosters is ideally suited to them. Their social and emotional needs are met by staff who already know them very well.

Year 8


Here boys are at the top of the school. We believe it is important to recognise the status of the Year 8 boys as being the senior pupils in the school. We offer them posts of responsibility whilst at the same time ensuring they understand the need for tolerance and respect in their position as role models for each other and for the younger boys.

The School Council nominated by all staff, discuss the issues of the day with the Headmaster and Head of Year 8 and then work to implement beneficial changes to the school with the Year groups under their control.

Senior Schools and Scholarships

“The teachers at Rokeby are fantastic and have helped me greatly from my first day at school to my final exam, making lessons fun and interesting.”

– Rokeby Boy

Our philosophy is to work with you to find the ‘best fit’ school for your son.

We attain an impressive number of Academic, Sport, Drama, Art, Design and Technology and Music scholarships every year. Perhaps most importantly, Rokeby boys are renowned, not only for their academic success but also for their confidence, positive attitude towards learning and showing kindness and thoughtfulness towards their peers.

We have excellent relationships with the senior schools to which we send our boys and invite them to Rokeby for a Senior Schools Exhibition for parents to meet the Registrars, senior staff and Heads face to face.