Our Aim

‘…results give it undeniable cachet as a prep whose top leavers continue to have the entrée to some of south west London’s most sought after senior schools, this school is about so much more than getting hard results. We found the boys engaged with everything the school has to offer, and extremely proud of it.’

– The Good Schools Guide

Above all else, we aim to bring out the brilliant in each boy.

We want each of our boys to be respected as the boy he is. We want him to love learning in the way best suited to him, at the pace best suited to him. We want him to be able to find happiness and success in all that he does and to be kind to others.

To help us to achieve this we have seven objectives:

  1. To enable each boy to achieve his best in all areas of learning by seeking to understand him, engage him and inspire him.
  2. To enable each boy to find his strengths, develop special abilities and achieve a high standard where he has a particular talent.
  3. To help each boy to develop: independence in learning, self-discipline, self-motivation, self-confidence, kindness, good manners and cooperation.
  4. To help each boy to develop and demonstrate respect for himself, others and his environment.
  5. To help each boy to contribute positively to our society so that he can grow up into a successful and considerate citizen.
  6. To create optimum learning opportunities for the boys from start to finish, enabling excellent development of knowledge and skills in a stimulating curriculum.
  7. To enable each boy to achieve entry to a senior school which is suited to his abilities, interests, personality, and needs