Bus Routes

The school organises a network of morning and afternoon buses. The current bus routes cover the areas of Wimbledon, Kingston, Sheen, Putney, Wandsworth and Merton Park.

Morning Bus

Please note: The cost of the service for 2021/22 is £182.00 per term (each way). Half a term’s notice is required if you wish to cancel a place on this bus. We do not offer ‘one-off trips’ on the morning runs.

If you wish to use this service, please fill in the form at the bottom of this page.

1. PUTNEY – 7.35 am

Driver: Bruton’s Coaches

7:35Upper Richmond Road at junction with Queen's Road
7:40Upper Richmond Road / Queens Ride Triangle
7:45Colinette Road North - Upper Richmond Road End
7:47Colinette Road South - Howards Lane End
7:50Chartfield Avenue before St Simon's Avenue
7:55Carlton Drive - junction of St Johns Avenue


Driver: Eric Briffa

7:40Albert Drive near junction of Augustus Road
7:50Revelstoke Rd / Wimbledon Park Gate
8:00Valonia Gardens - junction with Amerland Road
8:05Lytton Grove - opposite Chepstow Close

3. WIMBLEDON – 7.40 am

Driver: Doug Carrington

7:40Lake Road - opposite Helme Close
7:48Leopold Road - outside Ricards Lodge
7:53Burghley Road at the junction with Marryat Road
7:55Calonne Road - Greenoak Way
8:00Parkside Avenue - junction of Parkside Avenue
8:03High Street opposite the War Memorial
8:07Ridgway - Ridgeway Place (Telephone Exchange)
8:10Copse Hill - High Cedar Drive
8:15Coombe Lane Shops - opposite Holland Avenue

4. MERTON PARK – 7.45 am

Driver: Neal Mulkerrins

7:45Kingston Road at Nelson Hospital
7:50Toynbee Road just after Merton Hall Road
7:55Rayne's Park - Waitrose Car Park
8:03New Malden Burlington Road - Walton Avenue (Bus Stop G)
8:05New Malden - Glass House pub

Afternoon Bus

1. Wimbledon – 3 pm (Reception – Year 2 only)

Driver: Phil Bruton

3:05Coombe Lane Shops - Holland Avenue
3:10Copse Hill at West Side Tennis Club
3:13Ridgway at the junction with The Grange
3:15High Street at War Memorial
3:20Putney Hill Road at the junction of Putney Heath (by Green Man)

2. Wimbledon – 4.15 pm

Driver: Doug Carrington / Eric Briffa

4:30Coombe Lane Shops - Holland Avenue
4:34Copse Hill at West Side Tennis Club
4:37Ridgway at the junction with The Grange
4:42High Street at War Memorial
4:45Calonne Road - Greenoak Way
4:47Burghley Road at Marryat Road
4:55Leopold Road at Lake Road
5:00Centre Court Wimbledon Broadway
5:05Hartfield Road / Kingston Road
5:08Kingston Road at the Nelson Hospital

3. Putney – 4.15 pm

Driver: Bruton’s Coaches

4:25Tibbet’s Corner on the roundabout at Wimbledon Parkside
4:27Putney Hill Road at junction of Putney Heath (Green Man)
4:30Chartfield Avenue at junction of St Simon’s Avenue
4:35Tideswell Road / Hazlewell Road
4:38Upper Richmond Road at junction with Colinette Road
4:42Upper Richmond Road - Dover House Road
4:45Upper Richmond Road at junction with Gilpin Avenue

2021-2022 Morning bus registration form

2021-2022 Afternoon bus registration form