Bus Routes

The school organises a network of morning and afternoon buses. The current bus routes cover the areas of Wimbledon, Kingston, Sheen, Putney, Wandsworth and Merton Park.

Morning Bus

Please note: The cost of the service for 2018/19 is £165.00 per term (each way). Half a term’s notice is required if you wish to cancel a place on this bus. We do not offer ‘one off trips’ on the morning runs.

If you wish to use this service, please fill in the form at the bottom of this page.

1. PUTNEY – 7.35am

Driver: Steve Peacock

7:35Upper Richmond Road at junction with Queen's Road
7:45Colinette Road North
7:47Colinette Road South
7:49Lutterll Avenue
7:50Chartfield Avenue before St Simon’s Avenue
7:55Carlton Drive

2. WANDSWORTH – 7.45am

Driver: Phil Haake

7:45St Anne’s Hill just past junction with Alfarthing Lane
7:55Ringford Road
8:00Lytton Grove
8:05Augustus Road

3. WIMBLEDON – 7.35am

Driver: Doug Carrington

7:40Lake Road
7:48Leopold Road
7:53Burghley Road at the junction with Marryat Road
7:55Calonne Road
8:00Parkside Avenue
8:03High Street opposite the Memorial
8:07Ridgway at the junction with the Grange
8:10Copse Hill at Christchurch
8:15Coombe Lane Shops

4. MERTON PARK – 7.50am

Driver: Neal Mulkerrins

7:50Kingston Road at Nelson Hospital
7:55Waitrose – Rayne’s Park
8:00Fountain car park Burlington Road
8:02New Malden –The Glass House pub

Afternoon Bus

1. Wimbledon – 3pm (Reception – Y2 only)

Driver: Doug Carrington

3:05Coombe Lane Shops
3:10Copse Hill at Christchurch
3:13Ridgway at the junction with The Grange
3:15High Street at Monument
3:20Putney Hill Road at the junction of Putney Heath (by Green Man)

2. Wimbledon – 4.15pm

Driver: Doug Carrington

4:30Coombe Lane Shops
4:34Copse Hill at Christchurch
4:37Ridgway at the junction with The Grange
4:42High Street at Monument
4:45Calonne Rd
4:47Burghley Road at Marryat Road
4:55Leopold Road at Lake Road
5:00Centre Court Wimbledon Broadway
5:05Hartfield Road / Kingston Road
5:08Kingston Road at the Nelson Hospital

3. Putney  – 4.15pm

Driver: Steve Peacock

4:25Tibbet’s Corner on the roundabout
4:27Putney Hill Road junction of Putney Heath (Green Man)
4:30Chartfield Avenue after St Simon’s Avenue
4:35Holroyd Road / Hazlewell Road
4:38Upper Richmond Road at junction with Colinette Road
4:45Upper Richmond Road at junction with Gilpin Avenue

2018 Morning bus registration form

2018 Afternoon bus registration form