The Rokeby Experience

What our boys say…

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I love coming into school on the bus with my friends. We think about what topics and lessons we will be learning today, and we are excited for our playtime. My favourite subject is Maths. I like learning about the different numbers and taking part in the practical lessons. Measuring capacity was really exciting this term. The clubs at Rokeby are great and I enjoy the different ones on offer. I am getting better each week at chess, and I can’t wait to continue next year.”

- Xander J, Year 1
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I love Rokeby School because I’m always happy. I like the teachers because if you’re stuck, they will help you and show that they care. I really enjoy playing outside with my friends who look out for me. I really like to perform so I had a great time writing my own Oompa Loompa song in English and sharing it with the class. I also worked in a team to create our own Chinese school exercise routine in Humanities. I’ve loved having the opportunity to compete against other schools in cricket matches and PE lessons are also a highlight.”

- Sam P, Year 3
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I really like the variety of sports we do at Rokeby, especially cricket which I love. We start playing matches against other schools very early which I enjoy. In school, I like the assemblies when we all come together as one school. My favourite subjects are Geography, because I am interested in the world around me and climate change; Maths, because it is very beneficial and languages as I like making links between Latin, French, and English.”

- Ayan P, Year 6
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I have been at Rokeby since Reception and can honestly say I have loved every day here. What I love is the wide curriculum at Rokeby and that the teachers will nurture any boy’s talent to develop it into something great. We do not have to fit a mould, there is space for all different talents and passions. The atmosphere is incredible in all classes and I feel that every boy’s creative spark is ignited in all subject areas. I love that academics, sports and the creative arts are all equally strong and vibrant.”

- Ravi W, Year 8