The Rokeby Experience

What our boys say …

Year 1, Freddie

“I love learning new things in Year 1 and I do that every day here. I have lots of friends and enjoy playing imaginative games with them. When we are good we get special stickers and sometimes we even get a certificate in assembly or a manners cup.

“I like doing my work at school because my teachers are very kind and they help me.”

Drama lessons are really fun and we have Art every Wednesday. There are lots of things to keep you healthy like football and rugby and other exercise which we do at the Rokeby Sports Ground.”

Year 3, Tom

“I joined Rokeby in Year 2. I didn’t know anyone but I had two buddies to make sure I settled in. When I moved in to Year 3 we were all given a Year 6 buddy to help us get used to the Upper School. I really wanted to go to the main Drama production because he had a good part and I think he was pleased I was there. The show was amazing – better than the cinema!

“the teachers are fun and encourage us to do our best.”

When I’m in Year 5 I’m going to audition. My favourite lesson is Games because I love sport, especially football and the teachers are fun and encourage us to do our best.”

Year 6, Amir

“One of the best things about Rokeby is that the teachers are very helpful and if you don’t understand something they are always happy to help. There are so many clubs and activities it is so easy to make friends.

“My English teacher is amazing and now I really enjoy English.”

If you are new someone will be there for you from day one so you feel at home straight away. I love Art and am working towards an Art scholarship. It makes me feel happy and calm.”

Year 8, Will

“At Rokeby the teachers believe in me and always encourage me to be the best I can be. They support me if I’m not sure about anything and help me improve. Everyone is so friendly. I have been here for almost nine years, since Reception; I have learnt so much and had so many opportunities to learn new skills. In Year 3 I started DT lessons in the DT room and I loved it straight away.

“I can honestly say I have made memories for life.”

I have made lots of different things including a remote controlled chariot using some of the amazing equipment we are lucky enough to have. Last year we got two 3D printers and a laser cutter which I have used on my scholarship project.I have been on numerous trips, many educational trips locally and then further afield to Iceland, Sorrento, Normandy, Provence and I’m going to Canada on a Rugby Tour.

I have made mostly amazing memories of fun times and friendships but also a few of challenging times which have helped me become more mature and resilient which I know will help me for the rest of my life. I will be excited and sad to leave in July.”