Your son comes first.

‘…taking into account every boy’s strengths, interests and individual needs when devising their learning plans.’

– The Good Schools Guide

We pride ourselves on the way in which we educate and support all of our boys at Rokeby. We treat them as individuals: we focus on each and every boy. We want each boy to achieve his best in every area of learning so that they become smart, skilful and kind and leave us confident and positive, happy and successful.

There are many ways in which our boys achieve but they always do so when motivated and happy, with the right blend of support and challenge. We give our boys the opportunity to develop skills in a range of activities beyond the core academic subjects, helping them to find things they enjoy and build their confidence, which then benefits their academic studies and personal development. We focus on their strengths but want them to develop competence and confidence in many areas.

We want all of our boys to know that the essence of achievement lies in what they themselves can do and what they can take pride in; that it is not so much about competition with other pupils as with trying to gain the best for themselves from the wealth of opportunities our staff and facilities offer. This demands dedicated teaching, enthusiastic children and good partnership work with parents; and we are committed to this team approach.