Where are they now?

Some recent Year 8 leavers’ share their experiences and memories of the time they spent in the Upper School and where they are now.  Click on each boy below to read more about their story.

Picture Pip B

Pip B

Pip started at Rokeby in Reception, back in 2010, and is currently studying at St Paul's School, London.

"Choose something you enjoy, work really hard at it and see how far you get."

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Picture Ollie B

Ollie B

Ollie joined Rokeby at Reception in 2010, and is currently enjoying his time at Epsom College.

"The more effort you put in to your time at Rokeby, the more you can grow and develop before you join your senior school."

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Picture Felix P

Felix P

Felix started at Rokeby in Year 3, back in 2013, and is currently studying at St Paul’s School.

"...I found I really cherished roles where I got more and more input as I climbed higher up the school."

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Picture Finlay P

Finlay P

Fin started at Rokeby in Reception, and now studies at King's College School.

"Take advantage of all the opportunities that come your way."

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