We focus on teaching our boys to be effective communicators and fluent readers with an enviable depth and breadth of literary knowledge.

‘Cosy upper school library has brightly coloured chairs, well stocked shelves and a cheery librarian…’

– The Good Schools Guide

We are ambitious in the variety of texts and topics we cover. We select texts that are relevant to our boys’ interests and challenge their perceptions of the world.

Reading forms one of the central pillars of English study. Our excellent and well-resourced library and librarian are always on hand to help. We host some of the best children’s authors and poets to visit us and deliver workshops throughout the year, which adds to the variety and excitement of our English teaching.

Grammar, spelling and writing are the pillars that complete our English temple. Grammar and spelling are taught from the youngest year groups to ensure a sound understanding of the English language and the ways it can be manipulated for effect. We encourage pupils to practise writing for a wide range of purposes: from creative writing and poetry to formal letters and speeches.