‘Concentration is the secret of strength’ R W Emerson

It has been great to have all of the boys back on site this half term. So far…so good!

We have been continuing our theme of ‘concentration’ with the boys.

Although we tend to begin with the mind, so much of what concentration is about begins with the body. The boys have been learning that concentration is powerful because it allows us to achieve our best with all tasks and to feel a great sense of ‘flow’ in doing things as well as satisfaction with the end result.

The good news is that the first steps to good concentration are entirely physical and begin with:

  1. Sleep: having the right amount and ensuring the body and mind are ready to go
  2. Being well-hydrated and having good nutrition: not just the right amounts of water but the right quantities and quality of food. Our brains are living organs
  3. Breathing. Slowing down, breathing deeply. Allowing oxygen to our brains but also to calm our nervous system from ‘stress and distraction’ mode’ to enable it to concentrate on the task in hand
  4. Interspersing activity with calm and rest, to allow the body to create the right internal balance for learning and achieving

Next time: so what about the mind?

Happy concentrating!

J. R. Peck – Headmaster