Rokeby Wins Environmental Award

We received wonderful news this week from Eco-Schools, an initiative that empowers young people to introduce and lead environmental actions and education in their school. Thanks to the great efforts of everyone in the school community, particularly our fantastic Eco Reps, Rokeby has achieved a prestigious Green Flag Award. Eco-Schools sent the following glowing feedback on the school’s environmental work:

“It’s wonderful that you have appointed such enthusiastic Eco Reps, this shows your school’s excellent commitment to both the programme and the eco-cause. It was really great to read how your Environmental Review provided the basis for the projects in your Action Plan. It demonstrates a reflective and considered approach to your Eco-Schools work, this is a great skill that many adults can learn from! It was wonderful to see how completing your Environmental Review helped your Eco Reps to spot gaps in your school’s existing environmental activity. But equally important is that it helped you to recognise the great work that you were already doing. This helps to keep up the good activity whilst making you feel empowered to do different things. We love this!…We’re really impressed at how you’ve linked environmental issues to a variety of curriculum areas. We loved hearing about your involvement with the charity Sustainable Merton.

Well done Eco-warriors for helping look after the trees and litter picking! We love that your pupils have taken their great work beyond the school gates and into their homes and local community… I hope you and your Eco Reps take great pride in your achievements, everyone involved should be incredibly proud of the changes they have made!”