Year 8 Dorset Trip 2019

On Monday 24th June, year 8 went to Swanage, in Dorset, to camp, and do many fun activities.

When we arrived at our campsite, we got unpacked into our tents then got dressed in wetsuits. The year was split into 4 groups. Groups 1 and 2 went kayaking on the first day. We played games and had lots of fun. Group 3 and 4 did stand up paddle boarding and played games as well. Then we came back to the camp, had supper, and played sardines, capture the flag and grandma’s footsteps, which were all exciting and went to bed.

The next day, we woke up, had breakfast, and got dressed in wetsuits again. The boys who did kayaking swapped with those who did stand up paddle boarding. Then we all had lunch, got dressed in dry clothes and drove to Durdle Door. We hiked up the hill, which was very testing of our endurance, and went onto the beach. Some of the boys, including me, swam in the sea. It was freezing cold! Then we had ice cream and walked to the other headland which has great views. Then we got back to the camp, had showers and played mind games. It was really fun, but we were exhausted by the end of the day!

On Wednesday, we had pancakes for breakfast and then headed to the bushcraft site. There, we did archery, fire starting, made shelters, learned knife skills and gutted fish, which we then ate. It was delicious! In archery, we had to shoot a progressively smaller target, and we only had three lives! It was hard, but Finlay, Toby and Oscar managed to shoot a card! In fire-starting, we learned how to catch embers, and make them into a fire. We also made smores on a fire we created! We had a competition on who could make the best and most practical shelter, and we gutted a rainbow trout. It was kind of disgusting but fun! I learned a lot. We then came back to the camp.

On Thursday we had delicious bacon turnovers! We then leapt into the minibuses and drove off to Portland, a peninsula 1 hour away. When we arrived groups 1+2 went off to the climbing area and groups 3+4 went to the abseiling area. Group 3 started with abseiling and group 4 did some climbing nearby. I was the first boy to go abseiling! It was extremely fun whilst slightly terrifying when you looked over the ledge. After waiting for the last of the boys to abseil down we then made our way up to the base. After enjoying a delicious Cornish pasty we switched with groups 1+2 and went over to the rock climbing area, after a breath-taking decent over the crumbling gravel we reached the walls. By now the sun was beating down on us however down to Shaun(the instructor) we managed to stay hydrated and sunburn free! We started on the easier routes and worked our way up to the harder ones. The hardest was a grade 4+ and out of the 20 that tried it, only 10 made it to the top. After such an exhausting day we were treated to some delicious sausages and mash!

On our last day, we rose early to pack with the promise of more time at the water park. After enjoying some delicious croissants and pain au chocolates we set off to the park. After hearing the safety briefing we boarded the first giant inflatable including a huge airbag to blast people off of! After 45 mins of fun, including managing to get Mr Spackman into the water and being flung 4 metres into the air we moved on to the next lake which became famous for the slippery bridge which you would climb on top of and try to stop everyone from crossing it. After another 45 mins of exhilaration we were exhausted, so after a fond farewell to Tom and Shaun, the instructors, we boarded the coach and set off home, many of us looking forward to a good nights sleep in our own beds.

By Hugo C and Alex M

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