Year 5 House Table Tennis 2020

Over the course of this half term, boys in Year 5 have been competing in their House Table Tennis tournament, taking place on Tuesday mornings before school.

The boys initially played a House ranking competition, within their own houses, to establish their top 4 seeds to play in the Finals that was held this week. Each house was well represented and some excellent skills were on show throughout the tournament. The tournament consisted of a singles competition with the like for like seeds playing each other from their respective Houses. There were some very close matches played, and the final results were as follows;

  • Bazalgette- 18pts
  • Galsworthy- 3pts
  • Moody- 24pts
  • Olive- 18pts

Congratulations to all the boys listed below for their efforts in this competition:

  1. Matthew C
  2. William B
  3. Ayan P
  4. Luke H
  5. Piers W
  6. Kit W
  7. Hugh R
  8. William S
  9. Arthur K
  10. David C
  11. Harry B
  12. Rahul M
  13. David C
  14. Eddie P-V
  15. Mackenzie H
  16. Angus S
  17. Alexander B
  18. Egor M
  19. Benbecula K
  20. Connor W
  21. James T
  22. Patrick G
  23. Alfred B
  24. Oliver B
  25. Hamish G
  26. William W
  27. Joe K