Year 3’s Trip to London Zoo & the Science Museum 2019

On Friday 1st March, Year 3 spent the day exploring the tropical rainforest. The boys took part in an exciting workshop run by the zoo staff, during which they were able to explore the rainforest biome. Our Year 3 explorers spent time looking for animals and taking temperature and humidity readings. Then it was back to the zoo’s classroom to learn more about the rainforest habitat and meet Charlie, one of the zoo’s hissing cockroaches.

Furthermore, for Science Week Year 3 headed off to the Science Museum. The boys had a great time exploring the WonderLab and listening to a presentation called ‘It Takes Guts’ – a gross, squirm-inducing show about the workings of the human digestive system.

Much fun was had by all, and the boys are sure to remember these enjoyable and interesting trips for years to come!