We do not learn from experience but from reflecting on experience. J. Dewey

You might wish to reflect on philosopher Dewey’s words above. We are a centre for learning at Rokeby. Boys learn a multitude of ways, with their own aptitudes directing their learning from within. So often we see the boys as active learners and they certainly enjoy their lessons when they are dynamic, physical and, if at all possible, fun. I have just had the pleasure of sitting through a history presentation from a Year 8 boy as he bid for a Rokeby (Internal) Scholarship. His arms moved so much he could easily have spoken about Leonardo Da Vinci’s ideas on flight.

However, not all learning is fast. Not all that we learn results from doing. A great deal is learnt from reflecting on what we have done (or failed to achieve). Spending time thinking, considering, wondering allows skills to be honed, ideas to be developed into reality, drafts to become quality pieces, behaviours to be rethought. The key word is time. Time to sit, to think, to feel, to ask and to listen rather than speak.

As we hurtle towards the end of a full term at Rokeby our advice to our wonderful bundles of energy that are boys (and ourselves) is to stop and to think. To reflect. Stop is not the end. It is the beginning of a new and exciting stage in learning.

I look forward to seeing many of you soon at the Christmas Plays and Carol Service.

J. R. Peck