Headmaster’s News

Well, here it is Merry Christmas! We come to the end of a long and happy term where the boys have given of their best, with characteristic joy and determination. What a fantastic Carol Service we had on Friday.

I am sometimes asked if being an all-boys school really matters. I usually end up answering the question with another one; why do you ask? For, in fact, it often depends on what the questioner is looking at. For a start, all of our boys are different. Each and everyone is a child with great potential and wonderful talents, whatever they may be and however long they may take to develop.

If being all-boys means rough-housing everywhere, chaotic lessons where no one can sit still and a lack of kindness and good manners then we are not like that. True; boys are generally more active, and more physical but they are also extremely capable of being calm, mindful and kind.

We do try to understand boys though. We find these things tend to hold true:

* Boys like super-heroes for a reason. Boys need good role models. Society may not always provide these!

* Boys are happy with physical activity of some kind. It may be sports, making or building things or other forms of ‘doing’. We find they need to be physically and not just mentally active. Gaming is mental activity. It is not the same.

* Winning matters but not at all costs. Boys struggle with failure and some may not even try because they are worried about failing. An important part of being kind is teamwork and cooperation as well as learning to celebrate someone else’s successes.

There is so much more we can say. However, our brilliant boys keep the Rokeby world spinning. We hope they and you have a very happy holiday.

J R Peck