Head of House Messages


Moody has had an exciting first term and it is shaping up to be a great year.  As many will know, our previous Housemaster Mr Doran has passed on his duties to our beloved Mr Spackman. Mr Doran has been our Housemaster for six years and says that he truly enjoyed it but is eager to see how Mr Spackman develops Moody into the best it can be.

The House has said ‘sentebale’ to Sentebale and made the decision to support a new charity called PDSA (People’s Dispensary for Sick Animals). We feel that this charity will be great to support and we had a fun House charity day where boys and staff ran through an obstacle course in their amazing pet costumes. On our House mufti day, where boys came dressed as pets, Moody raised awareness about the number of sick animals in the UK. PDSA was founded by Maria Dickin in 1917, the height of WW1; at this time, the amount of sick and injured animals was rapidly increasing in the poverty-stricken areas caused by the war. Maria Dickin single-handedly started the charity and laid the foundations of what it is today. Dickin was knowledgeable, hardworking, kind, perseverant and resourceful: everything a Moody boy strives to be today.

Charlie, our House Games captain, is more than pleased with the sporting achievements our House has made this term. We have won the House football by sixteen points and are eager to push on and win some more. The Moody debating team have beaten Galsworthy in the semi-finals and will go up against Bazalgette. The Head Boy, Deputy Head Boy, other House captains and I visited Galsworthy House on Monday 10th December to visit the residents.

We wish you all a lovely holiday.

Luke W, Head of Moody


So far this term I think I am right in saying that Galsworthy has won the most competitions. We have won the display board competition and have the most new boys in the choir.  Soon the results for the number of boys auditioning for the choir will come through and seeing as we have the most boys in the choir, I am very hopeful.  The next House board competition is on the 10th May and I am looking for another win to add to our long list.

Upcoming events for this term include House debating, handicap cross country (something we’re not so great at) and last but not least, the House Point Cup. Next term also includes the Rowe Cup Instrumental competition (on 24th January 2019).

This term my personal favourite competition has been House football.  Although we came in a very respectable fourth place, everyone enjoyed the event. Hopefully, we can win further sporting competitions in the future.

In other Christmas news, on Friday 7th December all boys went to the Carol Service with some Year 8 boys speaking from the Bible. Finally, the Head Boy, Deputy Head Boy and House captains, Henry and I visited Galsworthy house to sing with the residents.

This term all the boys have tried their best, which has been reflected by Galsworthy’s excellent results. The next time I write a piece for this newsletter I am sure I will be able to update you with many new achievements.

Oscar J, Head of Galsworthy


This year Olive has not been so successful in the competitions: we came last in the House board competition (but there is another House board competition on the 10th May), and the choir competition; we came 3rd in the house debating and in the house football.

But don’t worry! There are lots of House events coming up like the Rowe cup instrument competition on 24th January. Even if you just audition you get one house point for Olive so if you play an instrument to any level audition and you can help Olive in even more ways. Also, there is the House rugby competition that I know we are all looking forward to.

Since 2001, Olive has only won the House point competition once and I would really like to break that losing streak and win this year so please try your best in all aspects of school so that we can have a chance of winning this year.

This year we are going to be supporting Barnardo’s again. I am proud to say that we raised £1,463.10 last year but I hope to raise even more this year and help all of the children in need that Barnardo’s support. Barnardo’s is a charity that helps all of the child carers who need a helping hand or just want a bit of fun, they bring fun back into child carers’ lives.

In other Christmas news, the Head Boy, Deputy Head Boy, me and all of the other House captains went to Galsworthy House to sing with all of the residents and generally help make their day better.

Charlie B, Head of Olive


Bazalgette has had a fantastic term to finish 2018.  Our House came second in the House football matches and we reached the final of Athenaeum; we will be debating against Moody in the final to be held during the last week of term.

The charity we will be supporting this academic year is the RNLI, Royal National Lifeboat Institution.  The RNLI’s volunteer lifeboat crews provide a 24-hour rescue service in the UK and Ireland.  They, on average, save 22 lives every day.  Over 142,000 lives have been saved since 4th March 1824.

Bazalgette’s message this year is “Try your best”.  I hope all the boys have tried to live up to this motto on multiple occasions.  On Thursday 6th December, Years 4-6  went to the pantomimes, Year 7 went to the West End to see Aladdin and Year 8 visited the London Dungeons; I’m sure every boy had a great time on their trips and will have a nice last week of school.

To conclude, every boy who auditions for the Rowe Cup (our music instrumental competition) will receive one House point for their House.


Edward C, Head of Bazalgette