Daljit Nagra’s Visit

Daljit Nagra’s poem In A White Town is a challenging piece, written through the painful experience of a first generation Asian boy and his tangled emotions about his affectionate and very traditional (and therefore very embarrassing) mother.

Year 7 & 8 boys from the top sets were able to work on this vibrant poem with Daljit looking very closely at each tercet stanza, each line, each word and even studying the syllables and sounds chosen and why. It is a huge privilege to work on the craft of writing with such a talented and highly-regarded poet and the boys were soon fully engaged in wielding their skills in literary analysis.

In Year 6’s workshop Daljit read from his lively, word-playing, translation of The Ramayana and then set them to work as literary detectives spotting and decoding language.

It is wonderful to see these boys really be intrigued, challenged, and inspired by down to earth and affirmative poetry that they will meet again until they hit the GCSE and the A level syllabus. This visit has been an annual treat for at least seven years and each time is a real end of term treat for Rokeby’s budding writers.