’12 Rules for Spring and Growth’

Dear parents,

As a Scientifically-minded person, I thought I would complete the term with 12 rules for Spring and growth:

  1. What seems to be lifeless suddenly bursts into life.
  2. The development of the human brain takes many years and that is why children stay physically underdeveloped for so long.
  3. It is always better to work with the grain of the wood than against it. A DT one but it fits with the theme…
  4. Oaks are late developers but kings of the forest.
  5. Everyone admires eggs. They are full of potential. But they need to develop. No one remains an egg.
  6. Change is good and unavoidable.
  7. There is a lot of growth but not a lot of fruit in the Spring.
  8. Children grow at different rates.
  9. Over-fertilised plants grow fast but ‘tire’ quickly.
  10. Rabbits are not good at Maths but they know how to multiply (a Peck joke)
  11. A plant grows better with good soil, sunlight and water. Shouting at it and wrenching it are not effective for growth.
  12. Every species of animal is very good at being what it is and this is what makes it successful.

Have a very happy Easter break.

J R Peck