Rokeby's First Poet Laureate

Posted: 08/12/2011


Rokeby’s First Poet Laureate
After a school-wide search, Thomas Foster, Year 8, has been awarded the title of Poet Laureate. His stunning poem, accompanied by an excellent analysis, demonstrates a deft touch and creative approach.
6 poems from each Year group were submitted to the final. These were then judged to determine the winners. Years 3 – 8 were notified in assembly today.
The winning poems for each of the Year groups will be displayed in the cabinets outside Shakespeare and Socrates by the end of term. Look out for more poems from Thomas as we move through the academic year.
Overall winners by Year group
Year 1
Highly commended -        Charlie Bates
                                                Eamon Bekhaya
                                               Toby Anstey
3rd place – Charlie Jones
2nd place – Ollie Busby
1st place – Ganesha Janakan
Year 2
Highly commended –         Joshua Da Vall
                                                Nicky Lockyer-Seabrook
                                                Charlie Hall
3rd place – Nicco Peck-Clements
2nd place – Matty Norgren
1st place – Lucas Feather
Year 3
1st – Jacob Hansson
2nd – Harry Browne
3rd – Angus Horan
Highly Commended –        Zak Haralambous
                                                George Austin
                                                Lucas Farmer
Year 4
1st – Charlie Cowpland
2nd – Nicholas Schneider
3rd – Caspar Jansa
Highly Commended –        Izaan Afzal
                                                Sam Norgren
                                                Oliver Harrison                                
Year 5
1st – Keeran Jani
2nd – Alex Scruton
3rd – Thomas Busby
Highly Commended –        Nilesh Raghavan
                                                Rahil Patel
                                                Rory Carr
Year 6
1st – Max Viles
2nd – Will Yun-Farmbrough
3rd – Max Trapnell
Highly Commended –        Lukas Schlegel
                                                William White
                                                Edward Oliver
Year 7
1st – Buster Parr
2nd – George Cole
3rd – Matthew Burditt
Highly Commended -         Daniel Carr
                                                Matthew Moore
                                                Hamish Lawless
Year 8
Winner and Poet Laureate – Thomas Foster
2nd – Felix Mercier
3rd – Joe Kendal
Highly Commended –        Hugo Rossi
                                                Joe Viles
                                                Alex Barrie
Years 2 and 3 will find out their results on Friday. Their names will be added to the website once they have been declared.