Mensa Success

Congratulations to Joe Davis (12) from Year 8 who has been invited to join Mensa. His impressive score of 155, 23 marks above the pass mark puts him in the top 1% of the population. This is a fantastic achievement, particularly at such a young age.

Joe, who mastered the Rubik’s Cube aged 9 before moving on to the bigger, far more complex versions which he mastered aged 10, is looking forward to joining both the drone photography and comedy special interest groups that Mensa offers.
Joe feels the special interest groups are one of the main benefits of Mensa. Joe has had his drone for three years now and although well practised is keen to take his CAA drone license to become a fully qualified drone pilot once he has finished his Common Entrance exams in June. The comedy club is Joe’s second choice as it’s bit unusual. He is also currently enjoying building his own computer at home. He buys parts on amazon and conducts his own online research, including watching YouTube tutorials.

Joe is generous with his talents, introducing a Rubik’s Cube and puzzles club at Rokeby School for boys in Year 5 to Year 8 who want to become more skilled at the popular 3-D combination puzzle. The club, under teacher supervision, was so popular that he recruited two fellow puzzle lovers to help him run it. The Rubik’s Cube quickly became the ‘coolest’ accessory in the playground.

An important message Joe would like to give to boys of a similar age aspiring to join Mensa is – “persevere … if at first you don’t succeed try, try again. It’s not easy but prepare with apps, practice papers and practice writing quickly!”

Joe will be leaving Rokeby School, with the rest of his Year 8 cohort, after the school’s celebratory Prize Giving send off and will join King’s College School, Wimbledon in September 2018.