Our Aims

Rokeby’s central aim is for every boy to love learning and be kind in all that he does.

To ensure we achieve this aim, it is broken down into the following six practical objectives:

  1. To enable each boy to achieve well in all areas of learning by inspiring him to love learning and to help him to grasp core skills, concepts and knowledge;
  2. To enable every boy to identify at least one special ability and to achieve a high standard where he has a particular gift or talent;
  3. To help each boy to develop independence, self-discipline, motivation, confidence, kindness and inter-personal skills;
  4. To help each boy to develop respect for himself, others and his environment and to recognise the opportunities he has in our society;
  5. To create a continuous desire to learn within a stimulating and enriching environment throughout one school, from start to finish; and
  6. To enable each boy to achieve entry into a high quality senior school best suited to his abilities, needs and known potential.